7 Adorable (and Actually Chic) Ways to Decorate Your Baby's Nursery

Artful Mobile: Interior designer Devin Kirk opts for a modern and mature nursery design with black and white striped wallpaper, creating a visual link to the home. The mobile doubles as modern art.

Cozy Textures: Designer Leanne Ford focuses on cozy textures, warm neutrals, and natural light in her nursery. Furniture is a mix of vintage items and pieces from her collection with Crate & Kids.

Nature Channeling: Designer Jean Stoffer chooses a deep forest green tone for the ceiling and walls, creating a connection with nature and providing a soothing atmosphere for slumber.

Small-Space Solutions: Designer David Kaihoi transforms a one-bedroom apartment into a family home, utilizing small-space solutions like a trundle bed tucked away and a windowsill used as a bedside table.

Avoiding Pastels: Designer Janie Molster recommends nurseries that avoid motifs and color palettes a baby can outgrow, opting for a bright and fun nursery that transcends short-lived trends

Baby's Perspective: Ashley Whittaker incorporates an arboreal theme in the nursery with tree-printed wallpaper and a soothing blue-gray color scheme. The shiny painted ceiling resembles an expansive sky for the baby's view.

Ageless Furniture: Designer Marie Flanigan invests in ageless, multi-purpose furniture for her daughter's room, featuring mural wallpaper and a daybed that serves as a cozy spot for feedings and will transition to a big-girl bed.