7 Animals with Striped Tails

Indigenous to North and Central America, the raccoon is recognized for its tail adorned with black-and-brown stripes, its fluffy fur, and its distinctive black face mask.


A lot of individuals steer clear of the striped skunk due to its odor, but those who avoid it miss out on the sight of its beautiful striped tail!

Striped Skunk

When thinking of animals with striped tails, one of the first that comes to mind is the ring-tailed lemur.

Ring-Tailed Lemur

The red panda is a petite, fluffy creature featuring a white nose and ears, a red body, black legs and underbelly, and a tail adorned with red stripes.

Red Panda

The common house gecko earned its name due to its frequent presence inside houses.

House Gecko

The barred owl earns its name from the bars of brown feathers adorning its chest. These distinctive brown and white stripes extend through the owl's wings and tail.

Barred Owl

Arguably one of the most renowned striped animals, the zebra boasts a fully black-and-white striped body and tail