7 Countries To Avoid The Stresses Of Everyday Life

Known for its green spaces and outdoor activities, Finland offers a low-stress retirement option. It has high physical fitness levels but limited sunlight hours and relatively high divorce rates.


With ample sunshine and good healthcare, Spain appeals to sun-loving retirees. However, it lacks green spaces and safety.


Balanced retirement choice with a well-established transport system and decent healthcare. Excels in traffic management but lacks sunlight and has high alcohol consumption.


Affordable with abundant green spaces, but strict cultural norms may pose challenges for expats seeking freedoms.


Renowned for safety and low divorce rates, ideal for safety-conscious retirees. Falls short in healthcare and has high alcohol consumption.


Excellent healthcare and long life expectancy, suitable for health-focused retirees. High cost of living and limited sunlight hours.


Abundant sunshine and personal freedoms, but low fitness levels may deter fitness enthusiasts.