7 Foods That Have More Calcium Than Fish

Heart Health with Fish: Include salmon and trout twice weekly to lower heart disease and breast cancer risks; consider fish oil supplements after consulting your doctor.

Combine Healthy Eating with Exercise: Combat menopause symptoms by combining healthy eating with regular exercise; seek a dietician's advice for a tailored weight loss plan.

Calcium for Bone Health: Include low-fat dairy in your diet for calcium; consult your doctor for effective calcium supplements.

Beat Bloating Naturally: Reduce bloating by cutting salt and processed carbs; choose whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption: Limit alcohol intake to decrease breast cancer risk; opt for an occasional glass of wine if necessary.

Soy for Menopausal Relief: Incorporate soy products like tofu, nuts, or milk for relief from hot flashes.

Herbal Alternatives for Hot Flashes: Reduce caffeine with cool, caffeine-free drinks like iced herbal tea; consider herbal alternatives for menopausal symptom management.