7 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do in a Day

Create an Accent Wall: Elizabeth Sutton, an artist and designer, tells me that creating an accent wall is a quick and simple do-it-yourself project.To make an accent wall that looks like wallpaper, paint it a solid color or use stripes.

Install Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper: Alternatively, use a roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper in place of paint. "This installation is definitely a job for two, so enlist the assistance of your most meticulous friend to ensure that everything is done correctly and perfectly."

Swap Out Your Hardware: The founder of She Fixed That, Kat Christie, is a certified contractor and DIY Expert. She suggests replacing your outdated kitchen or bathroom faucet with a new one.

Makeover Your Doors:  Although there are two parts to this, the total time is only a day or so.Take a weekend to give your doors a fresh coat of paint and select new hardware from your neighborhood big-box retailer.

Create a Photo Wall: According to Sutton, building a photo wall is a do-it-yourself project that requires some preparation, but installation can be finished in an afternoon. Choose your top picks, then take an hour to decide on the sizes and arrangement of the frames.

Make Your Own Art: To add a unique touch to any wall, interior designer Mina Lisanin of ML Interiors suggests making your own canvas art. First, buy some acrylic paint and a canvas.

Paint a Tile Backsplash: Painting your backsplash tile is a simple do-it-yourself job that has a big impact. According to lifestyle and do-it-yourself expert Siobhan Alvarez-Borland, you may accomplish this in the kitchen or the bathroom.