7 Food Swap Ideas for a Healthy School Lunch

Lunchable Evaluation

When considering Lunchables, opt for homemade versions with real ingredients, such as crackers, cheese, and sliced meat or shredded chicken, providing a nourishing alternative.

Cheese Cloth Alternative

For preserving cheese freshness without a cheese cloth, use a vinegar-dampened paper towel stored in a plastic baggie, ensuring minimal additives.

Fruit Roll-Up Replacement

Replace sugary Fruit By The Foot with real fruit leather, made by pureeing fruit and dehydrating it, avoiding excessive sugars and artificial additives.

Pure Peanut Butter

Choose peanut butter made solely from peanuts or with minimal ingredients, steering clear of added sugars and unhealthy oils, a rule applicable to all nut and seed butters.

Jam Over Jelly

Opt for jam or preserves over jelly, as they contain whole fruit, providing fiber to balance natural sugars and offering a more nourishing option for sandwiches.

Sourdough Bread Choice

Embrace sourdough bread, a traditional and naturally fermented option, in contrast to processed bread varieties, promoting easier digestion and nutrient-rich qualities.

Real Crackers Criteria

Select crackers with genuine ingredients like wheat flour, yeast or sourdough starter, olive oil, honey, and salt, or consider making homemade crackers for a wholesome choice.