7 Foods You Must Toss After Their Expiration Date

Egg substitutes

Compared to boxed alternatives, a complete carton of eggs offers a bit more wiggle room, but both need to be eaten quickly. If you're wondering if you should consume that carton of whites that is two weeks old or not.

Soft cheeses

Softer cheeses, such as goat cheese, cream cheese, and ricotta, are more prone to bacterial growth and should be thrown out as soon as the expiration date has passed or the first indication of spoilage appears. 

Jarred condiments

According to New York's Department of Agriculture, mustard can last up to a year in the refrigerator, but after one month, toss the salsa, mayo, barbecue sauce, and ketchup. 

Potato Salad

Potato, tuna, and egg salads are prone to bacterial growth due to frequent exposure, similar to jarred spreads. This might occur when you take little portions of the salad at a time from the container. 

Cold-pressed juice

Raw green juices are trending on Instagram, you shouldn't keep them in your refrigerator on a regular basis. Juices that are raw and unprocessed are very popular with health-conscious people.

Fresh meat

When it comes to fresh meat, the sell-by date often indicates the final day the retailer can keep the item available for purchase. For you, what does this mean? When you go home, you have to either eat it or freeze it. 

Ground meats

Ground meat, whether it's beef, pork, turkey, lamb, or another variety, should be consumed or frozen within two days of purchase, according to the USDA. Since the meat is pulverized, the bacteria that were initially on the surface.


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