7 Home Items Totally Worth Splurging On

Sofas: A quality sofa is necessary for a number of reasons. First and foremost, your sofa sets the tone for the design of your living room and is typically the first item guests notice when they enter.

Mattresses: Your health and the quality of your life can be significantly impacted by the quality of your sleep. You won't feel good the following day if you spend the night tossing and turning.

Comforters: A luxuriously fluffy down comforter can aid in relaxation and slumber, in addition to a quality mattress.

Dressers: You may believe that you can get away with buying an inexpensive dresser until the day comes when, despite your best efforts, the drawer will not close or it will come out of the track and almost fall on you (yikes).

Desk Chairs: Do you work from home and sit in front of a computer all day long? Why cause yourself discomfort? You'll be more productive if you get a more expensive desk chair that supports your body rather than merely one that looks nice.

Built-In Shelving: Dawson advises investing the extra money on built-in storage if you are remodeling your house: "Custom built-ins are definitely worth the splurge."

Vacuums: It is always worthwhile to invest in a high-quality vacuum, such a Dyson or Miele, especially if you have pets.