7 Iconic Retro and Vintage Hairstyles

Multiple Blonde Buns

Go blonde and have fun styling large, thick buns everywhere. For a day out, accessorise your retro updo with scarves or bandanas, or roll your hair into a side bundle for antique bangs. 

Curly and Romantic

Lovely, long curls are always in. Part your hair in a sweeping motion and secure half of it with bobby pins for a throwback style. Curly hair is incredibly attractive for any event and genuinely never goes out of style, whether it is light or dark, spiraled or rolled.

Shoulder Length Retro

The bold red lipstick and solid dark hair color combo of this 1940s-inspired style makes it stunning. In keeping with the time, pale skin and black cosmetics were common combinations for antique hairstyles.

Curly Girl

By going platinum blonde and sweeping your hair to the side, you can achieve the look of Marilyn curls. To achieve this timeless look, sleep with your hair in pin curls or cut it at an angle using traditional rollers.

Pin Curled Beauty

Without pin curls, vintage hairstyles could never be considered as authentic. This style is much simpler than it appears, and a flower or decorative clip can be used to nicely enhance it.

Beehive with a Hairband

"Modern 60s-inspired vintage updo: Volume meets sleekness with a relaxed twist, featuring clips and loose strands."

Low Blonde Bun

Many of us have a special place in our hearts for 20s hairstyles among all the stunning vintage hairstyles that are out there. Her hair demonstrates why.