7 Incredible Shipping Container Homes In America

New Orleans, LA: This shipping container home is made from two four-ton shipping containers, connected by a 220 square foot addition made of wood slats, steel cables, and ribbed polycarbonate panels.

San Jose, Costa Rica: This shipping container home, located outside of San Jose, Costa Rica, comprises two containers joined by a raised middle section, which helps air flow through the house and limits the need for air conditioning.

San Antonio, TX: This studio/guesthouse, situated in the backyard of a San Antonio home, could also serve as inspiration for the perfect tiny house. It’s built from a single 8′ by 40′ container.

Blue Hill, Maine: For proof that shipping container homes need not be teeny, there’s this 12 container house, made from, as the name would imply, 12 different shipping containers.

El Tiemblo, Spain: This shipping container home by architects James & Mau is located in the Spanish town of El Tiemblo. It’s composed of six shipping containers in an ‘L’ configuration: four on the first floor, and two on the second.

Savannah, Georgia: Artist and designer Julio Garcia used two shipping containers to create a budget-friendly home in Savannah, Georgia. The containers are staggered, and connected by a central structure whose clerestory windows flood the interior with light.

Kansas City, MO: Former toy designer Debbie Glassberg built this this 2,600 square foot Kansas City house from five shipping containers.