7 Indoor Hanging Plants That Will Liven Up Your Home

Christmas cactus - This cactus blooms with colorful flowers for weeks during the holiday season. Perfect for hanging pots, it doesn't need a lot of sunlight. Hang in a bright window, water every 2-3 weeks.

Spider plant - Spider plants are easy to care for indoors. They thrive in various conditions, forgiving if you forget to water. Bright, indirect light is best, but they can adapt to lower light.

Staghorn fern - This tropical plant has a simple design with sleek leaves. It's great for hanging baskets, can grow in pots, and loves bathrooms. Just give it light, warmth, and keep it moist to keep it alive!

Tradescantia nanouk - Vining plants, like Tradescantia nanouk, are great for hanging baskets. Their colorful striped leaves make rooms lively. Place them where they get indirect bright light for optimal growth.

Bird’s nest fern - A green fern with wavy edges, safe for pets. Likes humidity and light, can handle low light. Use a hole-free pot with rocks for drainage.

English ivy plant - This classic ivy is great inside or outside. It's easy to care for, perfect for busy people. Likes well-drained soil and a sunny window. Adds style to any room!

Arrowhead hanging plant - This plant, called the American evergreen, has big green and yellow leaves. It likes humidity and can grow in your bathroom. Use liquid fertilizer for it to climb and thrive in well-drained soil with indirect light.