7 Italian Casseroles That Would Make Your Nonna Proud

Mushroom Risotto

Transport yourself to Italy with this fantastic mushroom risotto! Creamy rice and earthy mushrooms create a Michelin-starred experience at home.

Artichoke Pizza

Experience a mind-blowing twist with our unique artichoke pizza recipe. Its flavorful ingredients transport you to the charming Italian coastline.

Spaghetti Marinara

"Indulge in ultimate comfort with our spaghetti marinara—like a warm hug on a plate, you'll feel the Italian love in every bite."

Basil Pesto

Upgrade your pasta with our zesty basil pesto—fresh basil, pine nuts, and Parmesan for a bold, savory burst!

Pizza Seasoning

 The solution is in this recipe for pizza seasoning! Its delectable combination of herbs and spices will quickly make you feel like a pizza-making pro.

Caprese Bites

Experience a burst of flavor with our Caprese bites! Perfect blend of fresh ingredients, you won't stop at just one!

Tomato Risotto

Indulge in satisfaction with our tomato risotto—perfect for a soul-warming, belly-filling meal.