7 Low-Sodium Foods to Help You Cut Your Salt Intake

Canned Soup

Soups in particular are loaded with salt in cans to aid with flavor and preservation. Preparing soup at home is a delightful pastime that allows you to manage the amount of salt in your meal.


Cheese is frequently to blame for increasing daily sodium intake, yet there are differences in the salt content of different types of cheese. Since it has the lowest salt content of any cheese.

Store-Bought Condiments

As a preservative and seasoning, salt is typically used in large quantities in all condiments. When consumed in big amounts, as ketchup is frequently, they can significantly raise your total salt intake. 


Chips are big sodium bombs, which should come as no surprise. The amount of salt in these crunchy treats can pile up rapidly and become irresistible! There are many of lower-sodium snack options available.

Jarred Pasta Sauce

When you need to prepare a quick supper, bottled tomato sauce can be quite helpful, but it can also be very high in sodium. Luckily, you don't need to simmer homemade tomato sauce for the entire day in order for it to taste good.

French Fries

But there are plenty of lower-sodium substitutes for french fries, including these delectable herbed potato wedges or homemade fries made with very little salt. 

Store-Bought Broth

The usual grocery store brand of beef and chicken broth has a lot of sodium to enhance its flavor. Making stocks and broths at home is really simple. Additionally, the broth freezes well if you prepare a large quantity.