7 of the Best Standup Comedy Specials on Netflix

Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh: While Adam Sandler's 2018 Netflix special may seem like a B movie on paper, when the comedian performs it live, the entire show transforms into the Happy Madison production that we have come to expect from the irreverent actor.

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife: In 2016, Baby Cobra witnessed an incredible performance by an extremely pregnant Ali Wong on stage. How then does she surpass that.

Amy Schumer: Growing Amy Schumer, the resident raunch queen, is always a surefire choice for a good time. Nonetheless, the comic has had tremendous personal development since her modest Inside Amy Schumer days.

Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers: The boundary between making fun of something and upsetting someone is really thin. Anthony Jeselnik, as this evil comedian, could be compared to a tightrope crackerjack in that regard.

Bo Burnham: Inside: Certain experiences from the epidemic age are genuinely unique: virtual concerts, vacant awards shows, and movies made in COVID-shielded environments.

Catherine Cohen: The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous: In case you missed the introduction, this is Catherine Cohen, a very busy millennial who publishes books, produces a podcast, and spends her free time performing a sophisticated kind of comedy and cabaret.

Chris Rock: Tamborine: Selective Outrage, Chris Rock's most recent standup special, was released on Netflix in March. It's worth seeing, if only to hear Rock's reaction to being smacked by.

Chris Tucker: Live: Chris Tucker does his first full-length standup concert with Chris Tucker: Live following a break from the stage.