7 Places to Retire That Are Just Like Tropical Vacations But Way Cheaper

Tagaytay, Philippines

Tagaytay is a refreshing diversion from the tropical heat, with views of an impressive lake and an active volcano. English is widely spoken, healthcare is reasonably priced, and living expenses are minimal. 

Penang, Malaysia

Penang is an island with a blend of cultures, historical charm, and contemporary conveniences. It's renowned for serving up some of the world's greatest street food. 

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas, formerly a tranquil fishing village, has transformed into a bustling town featuring an impressive coastline and a sizable expat population. Retirees can enjoy fresh seafood, lively street life.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Compared to Costa Rica's Pacific coast, the Caribbean side is less developed. Puerto Viejo is a hidden gem with immaculate beaches, a laid-back vibe, and a cheaper cost of living.

Loja, Ecuador

Loja has a pleasant climate all year round and a serene location surrounded by the Andes mountains. It's not on the coast, but its verdant surroundings give off a tropical vibe. Ecuador is an even more appealing travel destination.

Hoi An, Vietnam

This UNESCO World Heritage site combines beach life, culture, and history. Vietnam has an exceptionally low cost of living, and retirees seeking a tropical lifestyle will find Hoi An, with its quaint old town.

Merida, Mexico

Merida, a colonial city on the Yucatan Peninsula, boasts a vibrant cultural scene, a rich Mayan and colonial legacy, and a pleasant climate. The beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are only a short drive away.