7 Smallest NBA Players in League History

Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues: NBA's shortest player at 5'3", Bogues was known for his heart and skill, achieving 6,858 career points, 6,726 assists, and over 1,000 steals.

Keith Jennings: A well-traveled player, Jennings, standing at 5'7", played for the Golden State Warriors and various international teams, earning accolades like the French league's foreign MVP.

Ed Melvin: At 5'9", Melvin played a season for the Pittsburgh Ironmen, averaging 4.9 points per game, later finding success as a coach with three WNYLTC championships.

Red Klotz: Standing at 5'7", Klotz played for the Baltimore Bullets and later coached the Washington Generals, touring with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Charlie Hoefer: German point guard Hoefer, at 5'9", played for the Boston Celtics and two other NBA teams, totaling 65 games in his career.

Ralph O'Brien: At 5'9", O'Brien played for the Indianapolis Olympians and Baltimore Bullets, averaging 7 points per game over 119 games in the old BAA.

Willie Somerset: A brief stint with the Baltimore Bullets, Somerset, at 5'8", played only 8 games, making him a one-hit wonder among the shortest NBA players.