7 Things The Bible Knew Before Scientists Did

7 Things The Bible Knew Before Scientists Did

Life in the Blood: Leviticus 17:11 recognizes the vital role of blood in sustaining life, echoing modern understanding of its function in transporting nutrients and oxygen.

The Water Cycle: Ecclesiastes 1:7 mirrors the water cycle concept, stating water flows into the sea yet is never full, aligning with contemporary scientific knowledge.

Air Has Weight: Job 28:25 subtly acknowledges air's weight, a concept confirmed by physics and meteorology, highlighting ancient insights into atmospheric properties.

Expanding Universe: Isaiah 40:22 metaphorically describes the heavens stretching, coinciding with modern cosmological understanding of the expanding universe.

Dinosaurs Existed: Job 40 and 41 descriptions resemble dinosaurs, suggesting the Bible might contain references to creatures identified later by science.

Abundant Marine Life: Genesis 1:20-22 depicts diverse ocean life, aligning with contemporary science's recognition of the rich variety in the marine ecosystem.

Earth Floats in Space: Job 26:7 portrays Earth hanging in space, remarkably coinciding with the modern view of Earth suspended in space by gravitational forces.