7 Things to Keep In Mind before Starting a New Skincare Routine

Cleanse: Use a gentle cleanser morning and night to remove dirt and oil. Consider tailored products like Aesthetics Clarifying Pads for acne or Antioxidant Soothing Cleanser for sensitive skin.

Tone: Daily toning with an alcohol-free toner helps remove dirt, closes pores, and prevents breakouts. Look for toners with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera or glycerin.

Serum: Apply serums based on your skin's needs. Niacinamide for normal skin, hyaluronic acid for dry skin, and soothing ingredients for sensitive skin.

Moisturize: Prioritize moisturizing to avoid moisture loss. Use creams for dry skin, and lighter moisturizers with SPF 15 or higher.

SPF: Daily use of broad-spectrum SPF, like Sheer Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 50, is crucial for anti-aging and reducing skin cancer risk.

Address Concerns:Consult a dermatologist for acne or wrinkles. Use targeted products like Aesthetics Deep Cleaning Mask and explore minimally invasive procedures.

Exfoliate: Regular exfoliation with gentle scrubs or chemical exfoliants like Aesthetics Deep Cleaning Mask removes dead cells and improves skin texture.