8 Animals That Can Hunt and Eat Skunks

Alligators in southern states, like Louisiana, won't actively hunt skunks but will eat them opportunistically near water. The skunk's odor doesn't deter alligators, and they use stealth to grab prey at the water's edge.

Alligator Predation

Badgers, despite not preferring skunks, are fierce predators. Equipped with long claws, badgers dig into burrows to capture prey. When hungry, badgers are not picky eaters and may target skunks.

Badger Hunting

Bears, being omnivores, consume both meat and plants. While skunks aren't the first choice due to their smell, hungry bears may overlook the odor and hunt small mammals like skunks.

Bear Omnivory

Bobcats, small but stealthy hunters, include skunks in their diet. With behaviors similar to larger cats, they can cover significant distances when hunting and reach speeds of up to 30 mph.

Bobcat Behavior

Coyotes, adept nocturnal hunters, primarily target small mammals. Although skunks possess a defense mechanism, hungry coyotes will kill and eat them if the opportunity arises.

Coyote Predation

Dogs, belonging to the canine family, retain natural hunting instincts. While domesticated dogs may hunt for fun, some can kill other animals if caught. Skunks fall within the prey spectrum for dogs.

Dog Instincts

Foxes, known for their hunting prowess, easily capture small mammals like skunks. Similar to other canines, foxes possess natural hunting instincts and swiftly pursue prey.

Fox Hunting Skills

Mountain lions, also known as cougars or panthers, are stealthy hunters capable of taking down various prey. While skunks may not be a preferred meal, mountain lions may consume them opportunistically.

Mountain Lion Predation