8 of the Best Classic Murder Mystery Books of All Time

Murder on the Orient Express: Agatha Christie's classic introduces detective Hercule Poirot solving a train murder. ($11 at Amazon)

Whose Body?: Dorothy L. Sayers' 1923 debut features Lord Peter Wimsey solving crimes on the side. ($7 at Amazon)

The Honjin Murders: A Japanese crime novel from 1948, follows detective Kosuke Kindaichi solving locked-room mysteries. ($12 at Amazon)

The Conjure-Man Dies: A Harlem Mystery: Believed to be the first detective novel by a Black author (1932). Features detective Perry Dart investigating a murder in Harlem. ($16 at Amazon)

A Study in Scarlet: Arthur Conan Doyle's introduces Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, changing detective fiction forever. Solves the murder of an American tourist in an empty house. ($10 at Amazon)

The Daughter of Time: Josephine Tey's 1951 novel features Inspector Alan Grant investigating King Richard III. Unique perspective with a modern protagonist looking into historic crimes. ($15 at Amazon)

The Moonstone: Wilkie Collins' 19th-century classic, one of the first detective novels, involves a stolen diamond. ($16 at Amazon)

A Man Lay Dead: Inspector Roderick Alleyn #1: Ngaio Marsh's Golden Age classic introduces detective Roderick Alleyn. Involves a murder during a detective game at a weekend party. ($9 at Amazon)