8 best exotic pets anyone can own

Spotted Genet

Would you like to be a feline? Consider a spotted genet, which is highly independent, aloof, and native to Africa.

Marmoset Monkey

These incredibly clever critters prefer to scent-mark their environment, so they may not be the greatest fit for every family. But that doesn't mean these primates can't be maintained as pets if you're willing to take on the task.


Exotic and distinctive in almost every aspect, these amphibians are most recognized for their charming grins and odd appearance.


It is worth noting that tarantulas will not be the ideal exotic pet for everyone.


Wallaroos, which fall in between a kangaroo and a wallaby, are curious and energetic marsupials.


They're known for their lengthy tongues, which can suck up over 35,000 ants at once, making them one of the most bizarre pets to keep.

Leopard gecko

Leopard geckos, sometimes known as 'beginning reptiles', are one of the easiest colorful critters to care for when compared to other lizards.

Bearded dragons

Sticking with the reptile theme, Bearded Dragons might make for a terrific companion because they are peaceful animals that can live anywhere between 10 and 15 years.