8 Foods that cause bloating and gas

Cold drinks: Yes, these carbonated beverages have various negative health impacts. One of them is that they cause stomach bloating. Beer also falls within this group.

Dairy Products: Dairy products are virtually like poison for lactose intolerant people. Gas is one of the signs of intolerance, which can be minor, moderate, or severe.

Apples: Apples and pears are known to have a high fibre content. While they are beneficial to our health and should be consumed, it is necessary to be aware that they can irritate sensitive stomachs.

Few Vegies: While they are high in nutrients, asparagus, cabbage, and broccoli are the veggies that generate gas in the stomach, which contributes to bloating.

Sodium: Sodium is another cause of bloated bellies, thus it is best to reduce your salt intake.

Fast Foods: Fast foods such as sausages, fried dishes, ice cream, sweetened items, and so on are known to promote tummy bloating.

Rice Preparations: Rice is known to swell up inside the stomach as it absorbs water, causing the stomach to feel bloated.

Hard Drinks: Alcohol is also supposed to increase weight to the area around the stomach, making it seem bloated.