8 high-fat foods you should avoid 

Avoid: Baked desserts

It goes without saying that butter and oil are high in saturated fat, but it's simple to ignore them if you're not making the additions. 


Butter is commonly added to cooked and baked dishes, and it's worth noting separately because, unlike lard and shortening, it's often voluntarily spread on items like bagels, toast, rolls, and pancakes.


Candy is loaded with fat and calories. Candy made of chocolate contains saturated fat from the cocoa butter, which adds up fast. 


While potatoes don't contain much fat, the oils used in the processing of potato chips do. Unfortunately, when you consume chips by the fistful, it adds up to entirely too much saturated fat.

Deep-fried foods

Beware of oils in deep-fried foods like chicken, potatoes, and onions, as they often contain high levels of unhealthy trans and saturated fats.

Fast food

Fast food is a poor choice, packed with saturated and trans fats, sodium, preservatives, and high in calories due to excessive cooking oil use.

Fatty meats

Although meats can acquire fat while being prepared, many meats are naturally fatty. Foods high in fat that can pile up on your plate include cured meats, sausage, bacon, ribs, and even some types of steak. 

Heavy cream

Because heavy cream contains a high percentage of saturated fat, it is a fatty component that should be used sparingly, as we discussed in the section on frosting and icing.