8 of the world’s most beautiful Starbucksand where to find them

Dubai - Starbucks in IBN Buttata Mall with a palace-like interior and unique themes, creating a luxurious coffee experience.

Shanghai - The 2017 Roastery, inspired by the original Seattle branch, offers around 30,000 square feet of space for a distinctive coffee experience.

Antigua, Guatemala - A central American Starbucks with a bright orange exterior, located in a historic private residence, showcasing unique local artistry.

Mumbai - Starbucks in India with gothic arches inspired by local architecture, featuring a terrazzo bar, hanging sculpture, and augmented reality mural.

Seoul - South Korea's unique Starbucks inside the Seoul Wave Art Center, the only floating Starbucks in the world, accessible via a bridge over the River Han.

Milan - Starbucks Roastery in Europe, featuring a stunning exterior, marble floor, affogato station, and an upstairs cocktail bar for a luxurious experience.

Valletta, Malta - Malta's eye-catching Starbucks, inspired by the capital's trading hub status, with marble flooring and wood-paneled decor.

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos - A candy-colored Starbucks with a pink exterior, aligning with the island's pastel-colored buildings, opened in 2019.