8 Unique Cat Breeds That Prove Different Is Beautiful

Egyptian Mau

The spotted coat of the Egyptian mau is a result of its ancestry from distant African wild cats. But fear not—the mau of today is a loving, loyal cat that is a pleasure to have around.


A naturally occurring mutation gave rise to the unique LaPerm cat breed, which was subsequently developed into its own. The most intriguing feature of LaPerm cats is their varied degrees of baldness in the kittens.


Despite its wild appearance, the ocicat is not. The ocicat type was established by a breeding program that crossed American shorthair, Siamese, and Abyssinians. Their untamed appearance paired with their dependable and loving house cat.

Turkish Van

This Asian breed is extremely old, having originated somewhere between 6,000 and 3,000 B.C. Turkish vans are mostly white, with the exception of their heads and tails, which should be colored only. 

Cornish Rex

The distinctive coat of the unique Cornish rex makes it highly valued. To the touch, the fur is fairly soft, falling in what enthusiasts refer to as "washboard waves." These cats are incredibly interested in and committed to their people.

Selkirk Rex

Although they have different hair, the Selkirk rex and Persian breed are linked. Although the breed has both long- and short-coated variants, all of them typically have soft, curly fur. Some kittens, nevertheless, have straight hair instead of curls.


The Singapura breed originated in Singapore, as its name suggests. These kitties genuinely adore people, to the point that they occasionally exhibit an excessive amount of devotion.


The Somali has a look that is somewhat fox-like. These cats can be quite playful and love life to the fullest. But one thing is for sure. Their acrobatics will keep you fascinated, and they never pass up an adventure.