9 Foods You Think Are Healthy but Nutritionists Say Are Not

Nutella: Nutella is a popular chocolate hazelnut breakfast spread enjoyed by people all over the world, particularly children.

Vitamin Water: From the name alone, you may assume that this beverage is high in vitamins and nutrients, providing a healthier alternative to your typical can of soda.

Flavored Yogurt: Everyone's 'fruit' contains sugar or chemicals that make it delicious, but very little fruit. "It's a concoction of sweeteners and colorings," says one user who feels flavored yogurt isn't as healthy as most people think.

Diet Sodas: Diet sodas are marketed as a healthier alternative to regular soda; yet, clinics and nutritionists have advised the public against ingesting them.

Wheat Bread: Wheat bread entered the list of deceptively healthy meals due to a little misunderstanding that many people have: wheat bread is not the same as whole wheat bread.

Bagels: "I'm surprised nobody mentioned bagels." "Bagels are like six pieces of bread," observed one user, and surprisingly, they are correct.

Granola Bars: Granola bars are convenient and nutritious whether you're going to the gym, running errands, or attending a long day of classes.

Processed Corn: Corn compliments numerous foods, including ribs and BBQ chicken. However, an ear of corn varies from all other maize-derived products, such as corn oil or corn syrup, which are commonly found in sweets and fried foods.

Margarine: Margarine is typically seen as a healthier alternative to butter. However, the latter is not entirely accurate. Margarine includes significant quantities of trans fats, which have been related to a variety of heart illnesses and other conditions.