How to Stop Biting Your Nails, According to Behavioral Experts

Understanding Nail Biting: Nail biting often stems from stress or anxiety, similar to other repetitive behaviors, providing momentary relief but not addressing the root cause.

Be Kind to Yourself: Recognize nail biting isn't a character flaw, embrace self-compassion, and understand that breaking a long-standing habit takes time and patience.

Increase Awareness: recommends heightened self-awareness by making non-judgmental notes of when nail biting occurs, enabling individuals to take the first step towards breaking the habit.

Identify Triggers: Understanding when and where nail biting happens allows individuals to create a quitting strategy and address underlying causes, such as stressors.

Set Goals: Establishing measurable goals helps in the quitting process, allowing for gradual progress, with the option to set smaller goals or deadlines.

Incentives and Deterrents: Motivate yourself with incentives like manicures or deterrents like bad-tasting nail polish, combining them with substitute behaviors

Replace the Behavior: emphasizes finding better solutions to replace nail biting, suggesting productive habits like wearing a fidget ring, squeezing a stress ball, or incorporating self-soothing techniques.