Quick Home Remedies for Puffy Face and Body

A simple home remedy for under-eye puffiness. Apply a cold, damp cloth over the eyes to reduce fluid buildup and alleviate puffiness. Avoid lying down while using it.

Cool Compress

Besides treating hemorrhoids, this cream tightens skin, making it effective for reducing under-eye puffiness. Apply sparingly, avoiding contact with eyes.

Hemorrhoid Cream

Dehydration can lead to fluid retention and puffiness. Drinking adequate water helps cells release stored fluid, reducing swelling.

Drink More Water

Elevating swollen feet or ankles helps prevent fluid pooling (edema). Sit with feet propped up or lie down with legs elevated above heart level.

Raise Your Feet

Combat facial bloating with teabags soaked in warm water or cooled cucumber slices. Caffeine in black or oolong tea narrows blood vessels, reducing puffiness.

Raid Your Pantry

Excessive salt intake can cause water retention and swelling. Limit sodium intake to 2,000 milligrams per day to prevent facial and body swelling.

Cut Salt

Exercise helps prevent fluid buildup in legs and lower body. Activities like swimming improve circulation and reduce swelling better than rest alone.