Sorry, But These 7 Nail Products Are A Scam

Nail hardener - Avoid picking gel polish, as it weakens nails. Nail hardeners may seem helpful, but they make nails too rigid, leading to breakage. Opt for cuticle oil—it nourishes, hydrates, and promotes healthy growth.

Nail polish dryers - Want your nails to dry faster? Skip portable dryers—use quick-dry drops or sprays like Olive & June, Essie, or OPI for better results. Morgan Taylor spray is easy if droppers are tricky for you.

“Clean” nail polish - Clean nail polish is in demand, believed to be gentler on thin nails. But, "clean" isn't regulated in beauty, so anyone can claim it. However, UK has strict safety rules, ensuring nail polish at reputable store

Ridge-filling base coat - Nail bumps can be caused by various things like bad manicures, lack of vitamins, hormones, or picking cuticles. To fix small ridges, use a ridge-filling base coat. For deeper ridges

Nail whitener - Jordan warns that some nail whiteners may harm nails due to harsh ingredients. Streets advises using a mild formula or natural options like lemon juice with water. Gently buff or soak nails for stains

“Universal” UV nail lamps - Choose a gel nail lamp that matches your polish brand. "Universal" ones may not cure properly, risking allergies. Follow guidelines to avoid issues, and prefer a qualified technician for safety.

Metal nail files - Skip the metal tools! They can harm your nails. Go for a glass or crystal file for a better, gentler manicure. Check out Nail Tek or OPI options.