7 Small Habits That Actually Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

The way you walk

According to body-language specialist Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD, founder of the online course Body Language for Leaders, "walk this way... for a big personality reveal." 

Your handshake

According to Patrick Wanis, PhD, your handshake speaks volumes about you in mere seconds.

Your email etiquette

You might be able to learn more about your coworker's cues by looking through their emails. Dr. Adams claims that there is a link between our online persona and our true selves. 

Nervous tics

Do you bite your nails or pick at your skin? These are referred to as "body-focused repetitive behaviors" by scientists, who claim that they are outward expressions of your inner state. 


According to Dr. Adams, showing up early, on time, or late conveys a lot about your character, manners, and sources of motivation. 

Your eating habits

According to Goman, how you eat reveals as much about you as what you eat. Your food choices, eating habits, and etiquette all provide insights into your personality.

The color of your clothes

Researchers discovered that individuals sporting vibrant or flashy attire along with expensive or designer accessories often displayed higher levels of insecurity, lower self-esteem, and less authenticity.