The 8 Biggest Animals in the World

Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing: With a wingspan of 11-12 inches, this butterfly is the size of a feather-light puppy, and it's illegal to use it for commercial purposes.

Goliath Frog: True to its name, the Goliath Frog weighs over 3 kilos, measures close to a foot in length, and can jump three meters with each leap.

Capybara: A four-foot-long rodent found in South America near riverbanks, marshes, and estuaries, capybaras tend to keep a low profile and stay away from civilization.

Komodo Dragon: This prehistoric relic of a lizard can grow up to ten feet in length, weigh over 300 pounds, and possesses sharp claws, a keen sense of smell, and a dangerous bite.

Red Kangaroo: The largest marsupial, the Red Kangaroo stands over five feet tall, with powerful leaps covering 8-9 meters in one bound and reaching nearly six feet in height.

Ostrich: As the world's largest bird, the ostrich can reach 9 feet in height, weigh over 300 pounds, and is the fastest ground runner at speeds up to 43 mph, also having the largest eyes of any land-based creature.

Eastern Gorilla: The largest primate, the Eastern Gorilla, stands over six feet tall, weighs over 400 pounds, and while not an apex predator, it's wise to avoid agitating these magnificent animals.

Giant Clam: Featured in popular culture, the real giant clam is around five feet in length, weighing close to 500 pounds when fully developed, and the myth of getting stuck in it is debunked.