The Top 8 Singers Who Became Actors

Bette Midler: Prior to acting in movies such as "Beaches" and "The First Wives Club," Bette Midler was an album and Broadway singer.

Bing Crosby: Bing Crosby, the first crossover star, paved the way for a lot of singers who later became actors.

Madonna: Madonna was quickly advancing her acting career at the same time that she was courting controversy with provocative songs like "Like A Virgin."

Beyonce: With the release of "Homecoming" on Netflix in 2019, Beyonce expanded her impressive résumé to include "film director." The documentary is about her historic Coachella performance from 2018.

Barbra Streisand: It's difficult to determine which came first for an icon like Streisand—her acting or her singing? the numerous Grammy and Oscar winner.

Dolly Parton: When "9 to 5" was published in 1980, it gave those who weren't previously familiar with Dolly Parton's sweet voice on country radio a fantastic introduction to the queen of country music.

Mandy Moore: Many years prior to assuming her iconic role on "This Is Us," Mandy Moore devastated the hearts of young people worldwide in an emotional dramatization of Nicholas Sparks' "A Walk to Remember."

Jennifer Hudson: Jennifer Hudson's cinematic debut has arguably been the most successful of any musician. Hudson received a Golden Globe and an Academy Award in 2006 for her performance in.