What are the safest countries in the world if WW3 does break out?

Antarctica: Positioned at the most southerly point, it's considered one of the safest places for refuge during a nuclear war due to its enormous geographic distance from countries with nuclear warheads.

Iceland: A consistently peaceful country, topping the Global Peace Index, known for rare engagement in international conflicts, and geographically remote from Europe.

New Zealand: Ranks second in the Global Peace Index, adopts a neutral stance on conflicts, and its mountainous terrain provides natural protection.

Switzerland: Renowned for political neutrality, especially during World War Two, and well-protected by its landlocked geography, terrain, and nuclear shelters.

Greenland: As the world's largest island, it belongs to Denmark, is geographically remote, politically neutral, and its sparse population makes it an unlikely target.

Indonesia: Often neutral in political matters, emphasizing an independent stance in international affairs with a focus on world peace.

 Tuvalu: Located in the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and Australia, it has a small population, weak infrastructure, and limited natural resources, making it an undesirable target.