Why We Decided To Make a Living Overseas

Wanderlust Journey: The couple has explored various countries, including Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, and Europe.

Motivation to Move Abroad: The passing of a close friend at 42 due to breast cancer prompted them to consider a move abroad.

Destination Consideration: Initially eyeing Central or South America for proximity to family and Spanish familiarity, they discovered the Algarve region in Portugal through a newsletter.

Love for Algarve: The couple fell in love with the Algarve during a scouting trip, and the region exceeded their expectations.

International Perspective: Moving to Portugal aimed to provide their son with an international perspective beyond their Southern California corner.

Working Remotely: The husband works remotely for a California-based company, benefiting from great internet access and a growing comfort with remote work.

Cost of Living Advantage: The low cost of living in Portugal, with affordable rent for a spacious house, has made the move feasible on a single income.